Hey beautifuls! I am so sad that this challenge has come to an end… But I save the best quote for the last. This quote is from my favorite movie EVER: Cloud Atlas, starring Tom Hanks, James D’Arcy, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Jim Sturgess, Doona Bae, Hugo Weaving… Just all star cast members. Outstanding in every way. It is a 3 hour movie but I loved every minute of it. It’s from the best selling novel with the same title and this was nominated for Oscar I believe or Golden Globe, something like that. The makeup in this movie is INSANE!

Check out Halle Berry as a Chinese DOCTOR! WTF?

that's halle berry!!
that’s halle berry!!

Halle Berry as a white woman on the right pic.


Hugo Weaving as a woman. LOL. He played a scary woman (top right) and him as a Korean (bottom left)

hugo weaving transformation
hugo weaving transformation
Doona Bae, korean actress
Doona Bae, korean actress
jim sturgess as a korean man
jim sturgess as a korean man
the beautiful susan sarandon
the beautiful susan sarandon

The cast went on their days with filming and they had no idea who is playing what during the scene because the makeup artist didn’t tell them what characters are they playing. LOL.

Tom Hanks transformation
Tom Hanks transformation

They criticised this as well, they were like how come you put white actors as Korean. Why not cast a Korean actor? Well, fuck you. If you think like that, it means you didn’t even watch the movie because that’s kind of the whole point of the movie… that everything is connected, everyone you meet in life can reflect your past, present and future through reincarnations. So of course they’re going to use the same actors are you freaking kidding me? Best of all, guys, the quotes in this movie are to die for!

My favorite is this one:

cloud atlas

Check that out, by each crime and every kindness we birth our future. Isn’t it so true, you guys? Our lives are not our own, we are bound to others. We don’t live on our own we need to be social, we need to mingle and blend in as a society and what kind of future do we want? Do we want a civilised one without any racism, with equality for both men and women, or do we want chaos and filled with hatred? WE have the power to change our future, we have the power to lead and to take charge.

Thank you all for reading my quote challenge from day one. This is a fun way to communicate between us bloggers and if you are tagged to do this challenge, all you gotta do is to post one quote a day and tag 3 people each day to do the challenge. Thank you to the beautiful Bronagh for challenging me to do this. This is so much fun and brings back so much memories for me! I love sharing my favorite quotes with you guys!!

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Post a Quote a Day Challenge: DAY 2


Hi gorgeous beauty enthusiasts. My day 2 quote is from my favorite Disney Character, Mulan. She is by far the best, the most kick ass out of those prissy Disney princesses, yea, I’m talking to you, Aurora, freaking wake up and make yourself useful. Damn!

Anyway, Mulan taught me to be myself, to stay true to who you are and never give up while kicking ass on the way to awesomeness!

The quote that sticks to me is this one.


Don’t be afraid to be different! I now tag these 3 beautiful people to do this challenge:




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Have a great day everyone.




Hi, beautifuls how are you doing today? I hope y’all doing well. I was tagged to do this challenge by the beautiful Bronagh, she did this tag and she has some amazing quotes to live by so you definitely should check her out. Thank you so much for tagging me, and this tag is simple, you guys, you just have to post one quote a day. The quote can be anything but I wanted to post quotes that inspire me and will inspire other people as well. So, the first one is from one of my favorite musical, Les Mis.

Les Mis was shown last year during Christmas time staring my fave actors, Anne Hathaway and Aussie hunk Hugh Jackman. Ignore Russel Crowe though because he can’t sing for shit. That was money well spent, right guys? haha. Poor thing. Aaaannyway. There are a few quotes that are just simply beautiful. I’m going to cheat and have 2 quotes today, ooops but seriously they’re just too beautiful to pass on.

The first one is:


Wow, right? I mean… just… I can’t even… but this one is not my favorite, my favorite is this:

les mis

No matter what troubles or problems you encounter even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. This quote is a part from the musical sung by a group of young revolutionary called Friends of the ABC. The song alone is very beautiful, you can click here if you want to listen to it.

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My LOVE and HATE tag! (Warning: Some foul language in the Hate section!)

Hi guys, I promised to do this Love and Hate tag ages ago, I was nominated by the beautiful chocolatefrosst. So, here goes mine:


  1. Share 10 things that you ‘LOVE’ and 10 things that you ‘HATE’.
  2. Tag up to 10 bloggers .


  1. Online shopping. It’s an addiction really, a beautiful addiction, though! HELP!!
  2. Eyebrow pomades/gels/pencil. Whoever invented this, deserve an ultimate high five.
  3. Spring and Fall. They’re the best season, right in the middle in terms of temperature, not too cold, not too hot.
  4. People who are chilled out and don’t give a damn what everyone thinks. That should be the way it goes in life. Just chill, don’t take anything too personal, go with the flow, if something goes wrong, don’t panic, have faith that something better will come along J
  5. Lip products. I love liquid lipsticks you guys… I don’t have any favourite but out of all the makeup products, the one I really collect/have many of are lip products.
  6. My boyfriend. (insert awww or ewww here) haha. He is just the best. I love that he is very very chilled out. He doesn’t stress about anything, despite the fact that he is still finishing his PhD thesis and have a full time job. And I love just squishing his face and pinching his cheeks, he never complains. LOL. Love him for that!
  7. My guitar. My bf got it for me a few months ago for my birthday and I haven’t stopped playing it since.
  8. My feet. I know I’m one of those people with foot fetish haha. They’re just so neat looking. WHAT? Okay I won’t elaborate this is… getting weird.
  9. Youtube. I love that I can find whatever it is I want on there. Like you want to learn how to salsa at 2 in the morning? You got it!
  10. Last but not least… I LOVE… blogging, and you guys who always read and like my posts. It means a lot to me knowing that I have a virtual family out there. I hope to continue doing this despite my busy job.

Now… on to the hate…

I HATE…!!!!!!!

These are the things I truly hate 100 percent. So, everytime I hate something you guys, I swear… a lot… I’m warning you, if you feel iffy towards swear words…, then feel free to skip reading these.

  1. ATTENTION SEEKER ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Like… People who ranted about random shit on facebook or wherever for the whole fucking world to see then when someone asked them in the comment section “why”, they just answer, “Nah, can’t explain it to you here, it’s too personal”. WTF?! Excuse the language you guys. I LOATHE people like that, just seeking sympathy/attention.
  2. People who posted about ‘things that you should achieve when you’re 20’ or whatever bullshit that is remotely close to that. Seriously, guys, you can’t justify your life based on what buzzfeed said… it’s utterly bullshit! As long as you are happy with your life, you are doing something right and that’s all that matters.
  3. Vloggers. Not because I hate the vlog. I hate it because I always thought to myself, why didn’t I think of that? that’s a fucking genius idea! Now everyone is doing it and if I do it, I won’t be the original one who came up with the concept! Lol.
  4. Make up company that test on animals. Just… no. Like I’m not a vegetarian or anything but this is just fucking cruel. Come on!
  5. Coffee. Blerrrghhh. I get all jittery and nervous after I drink coffee. Yuck.
  6. Scammers. HOW THE FUCK could you live with yourselves? Shame on you!
  7. Food that is tasteless. Like, I would never be able to enjoy it.
  8. Judgy people. Why cant people just get along? Seriously. I was once asked if I go to church. I said no. Then, she proceeded by saying, “You have to go to church…” I’m like who the fuck do you think you is, bitch? Imagine if I tell her, “You shouldn’t go to church”, she will go mental and calling me names. Why does it okay for people to preach about going to religious places but when atheist say you shouldn’t go to wherever, they’ll go mental? There’s a double standard here. Don’t you see? Worship anything you want, be kind to people. I don’t give a flying fuck what your religions are, if you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. End of story.
  9. Makeup shaming. For makeup lover like myself, if you want to go to the gym with face full of makeup, you do you, girlfriend! Usually I go to the gym right after work, of course, I don’t have time to go home and change, are you freaking kidding me? So, I hate when people just assume I put effort (wearing makeup) to they gym. If I do, so what?
  10. Last but certainly not least… BODY SHAMING. UGH! Women ALL over the world are BEAUTIFUL! People have their own definition of what is considered beautiful and that’s what most people don’t get. Case and point: My friend weighs 45 kg, she’s only 5 feet tall, for me, she looks amazing. Proportional for her weight and height. She’s from Fiji. She said, people over there told her to eat more, to gain more weight, that she’s not beautiful. But when she comes to Australia (western standard of beauty, skinny, etc) she was all confused because everyone wants to be thin. This is just one of MANY examples to prove that no matter what body size you are, big or small, what eye shape, what nose shape, people will NEVER be satisfied. So, DON’T listen to them. FUCK THEM!!

This tag was a lot of fun you guys and once again a big thank you to chocolatefrosst for tagging me. I love participating in tags and challenges online.

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This tag is one of my favourite, it gives me the opportunity to get to know you guys a bit better. So, if you have a chance, give this a go. Xx LOVE YOU!