Hello beautifuls! How are you doing? I’m back from a short holiday to visit my bf’s nephew. He is 1o months old and just super duper cute 🙂 But now i’m back and I have an exciting review for you guys which is the makeup geek foiled shadow. Now, I only bought ONE. ONE is enough for me, as I’ve mentioned I have hooded lids, so sparkling eyeshadows don’t tend to work on hooded lids because they reflect the lights and make your eyes even more heavy. So, I was like alright I’ll try only one. 🙂

Here it is.

DSC07762 DSC07763 DSC07764 this shade is called flame thrower.

I thought the name was sooooo appropriate for this product because as you can see the shade resembles the circus fiery flame, its very coppery and metalic. Super pigmented. Check out this swatch.

DSC07765 that is one swipe, people!


A while ago, I hauled a house of lashes haul and I bought a lot of them, here I’m demo-ing two of them. In Bombshell and Dollface.

This is bombshell.



This style resembles the ardell demi wispies but not as fluttery.


This is Dollface


When I wear it, I look like one of those creepy dolls in the movies. lol. I guess thats why they call them dollface.



On my lids I’m wearing the foiled eyeshadow flame thrower


I like the bombshell lashes better obviously but if you guys like drama, then I’d choose dollface. House of lashes lashes are not that expensive, I bought dollface for 7 dollars and bombshell also for 7 dollars. If you buy 3 packs they’re only 18 dollars. 🙂 And the shadow I believe costs 9.99, it is long wearing, very pigmented, easy to blend. If you can pull off wearing sparkly eyeshadow I highly recommend the foiled shadow by makeupgeek!

I hope you find this review helpful, if you like this post please don’t forget to like it and subscribe to me, comment down below about anything! and until I see you in the next post, fellow beauty noobies. xx


Hey beautifuls. TGIF, am I right?

I’m bringing you a review of charlotte tilbury product, eyes to mesmerise in the shade cleopatra which is their cream eyeshadow. This shade is georgina. Seriously so beautiful and creamy and blendable, however, it didn’t stay put to my lid. After a few hours the edges faded and overall this is a disappointing product. 😦

eyes to mesmerise: cleopatra
eyes to mesmerise: cleopatra
the packaging
the packaging

This is me swatching the product

DSC07482 DSC07481 DSC07480

This is very pigmented and such a gorgeous shade, the problem is I have an extremely oily lids, so I have to let this one go… I’m selling this for $38, I bought this for $44 australian dollars, I am willing to pay for shipping around Australia if the postage costs under 10 dollars. I haven’t made a dent at all and the condition is still brand new pretty much. I didn’t even use my finger to dip in to this product. I used eyeshadow brush. I always do that everytime I swatched shadows for the first time just in case I ended up not liking it.

Anyway, that’s all for this review there’s not much to say at all really… Other than I’m disappointed because I forked a lot of dollars for this product, but, eh, what can you do… Sorry to end this on such a negative tone but I love you guys and stay tune for my next post! 🙂


Post a Quote a Day Challenge: DAY 2


Hi gorgeous beauty enthusiasts. My day 2 quote is from my favorite Disney Character, Mulan. She is by far the best, the most kick ass out of those prissy Disney princesses, yea, I’m talking to you, Aurora, freaking wake up and make yourself useful. Damn!

Anyway, Mulan taught me to be myself, to stay true to who you are and never give up while kicking ass on the way to awesomeness!

The quote that sticks to me is this one.


Don’t be afraid to be different! I now tag these 3 beautiful people to do this challenge:




Please do not feel pressure to do this tag, you guys, this is just a way to communicate between us bloggers and something fun for us to do. The rule is that you have to post one quote a day and tag 3 people in one post so in total you’ll tag 9 people for the 3 days 🙂

Have a great day everyone.



Hi, beautifuls. I’m here to bring you the good news of all time! Makeup geek is offering a once in a lifetime offer. Free shipping internationally and across the US of course! If you want to stock up on your fave products, now is the time. Some of you might know that this is my favorite eyeshadow brand of all time, you can read the review of me raving about this product here.


Use the coupon code FREESHIP2015ABZ by the end of this Friday, September 4th to get free shipping on orders larger than $15.

Let me know if you have decided to take advantage of this deal, I promise you won’t be disappointed.



Hi, guys! Ready to start your weekday? I hope so!

I bought heaps of colourpop stuff online aaaaaggesss ago and it took me a long time to even do the swatches and take pictures, etc. etc. So, without further a due, here’s the review of colourpop lippie stix. I don’t own many, I own 5 and they’re all… surprise surprise… matte.

from left to right: brink, creature, clique, lbb, cookie
from left to right: brink, creature, clique, lbb, cookie

DSC07700 DSC07699

Here are the swatches one by one:

  1. COOKIE; a nude beige matte



2. BRINK; in the website this is described as the insta-famous kylie lip however this one to me just seems like a regular nude lipstick with a bit of a dusty, rosy undertone to it.


on the left, brink

3. CLIQUE; orange with a lot of red tone to it.


next to brink, clique
next to brink, clique

4. LBB; a rich plum wine color


lbb, the far left

5. CREATURE; a deep, burgundy almost black


creature, the one in the bottom
creature, the one in the bottom

As you can see they’re all super pigmented and dried down to a nice semi-matte finish, I would say because I can still see some gloss in them. I don’t mind them, though but if you are looking for a complete matte, liquid lipstick would suit you best, because that will dried down to a complete matte finish.

Here are the swatches on my lips:


Clique is the one I don’t really like because it makes my teeth look yellow! Of course when I take a pic, it didn’t turn yellow on the camera, but, trust me, in real life, for a girl with NC42 skin tone in MAC, they’re super yellow.


These costs around 5 dollars each and shipping to Australia is… of course.. extra. I love the darker colour like creature and lbb, those gave me this perfect vibe for fall. I am obsessed with them. For the price, this is a very affordable line, you guys. So, if you are on a budget and wanted to try this line out, I’d give you a green light. I have purchased eyeshadows and one blush from them as well and I will review that soon for you as well. So, as usual I hope you find this review helpful and let me know if you like this post, give me a thumbs up and follow me if you like to see more of me!

Thank you guys so much and I’ll see you next time.



DSC07656 DSC07659 DSC07658

Hello, my beautiful friends. I have an exciting review for you guys. I recently purchased Melt Cosmetics, which costs permanent damaged on my credit card. No joke. Without further a due, let’s dig in to the review and swatches. 🙂

magnetic stacks
magnetic stacks
melt cosmetics
melt cosmetics

So, melt cosmetics is this indie cosmetic company with in my opinion one of the coolest concept. They sell eyeshadows and lipsticks for now. I have so many lipsticks, so I only get their eyeshadows and their eyeshadows cost 48 US Dollars for 4 pans. I KNOW. WTF. that’s so expensive. I know, they are! They have 2 stacks;

Here’s the first stack, it’s called the Dark Matter stack. Such a cool name. I know.

the dark matter stack (4 pans with one mirror)
the dark matter stack (4 pans with one mirror)
the dark matter stack
the dark matter stack

The second stack is called the Love Sick stack.

the love sick stack with mirror
the love sick stack with mirror
the love sick stack
the love sick stack

As you can see these stacks are magnetics, so it’s really great for travelling. Now, let’s check out the pigmentation of these babies.

dark matter stack
dark matter stack
the second shade is called:
the first shade is called: Blurr

Blurr is a matte cream shade with a slight peachy tone to it. It is described in their website as the transition shade for blending.

the second shade is called: Unseen
the second shade is called:

Unseen is a a beautiful beautiful matte caramel brown. It’s a cool tone caramel brown. Love this shade.

the third shade is called:
the third shade is called: enigma

Enigma is a rusted matte red-brown.

the last shade is called:  I'm not flipping you guys or anything! lol
the last shade is called: dark matter
I’m not flipping you guys or anything! lol

Dark matter is a matte black. Nuff said. Matte black.

And here are all of them swatched on the back of my hand:

from top to bottom:
from top to bottom: unseen, blurr, enigma, dark matter

Can we just take a minute to appreciate those pigmentation? Okay, minute over, moving on to the next stack. The love sick stack.

the love sick stack
the love sick stack
the first shade is called:
the first shade is called: promiscuous

Promiscuous is a purple with blue undertone shade.

the second shade is called:
the second shade is called: fixated

This is my favorite one out of the bunch. I haven’t seen anything like it. It is a matte grey with blue undertone.

the third shade is called:
the third shade is called: Amelie

Amelie is a peachy gold shade. This is the only one out of the whole bunch that’s not a matte shade. In the website it’s described as a shade that you can put anywhere as a highlight. Cheeks, cupids bow, you name it.

the last shade is called:
the last shade is called: love sick

Love sick is a matte burgundy shade. This one has more of a red undertone than the Enigma shade in the dark matter stack, that one is more rusted brown, this one is more red. So, warm tone maniacs, you would loooveee this shade.

Here are all of them on the back of my hand:

from top to bottom:
from top to bottom: promiscuous, amelie, fixated, lovesick

So like I said, for one stack (4 pans and a mirror) it’s 48 Dollars, so it’s 12 dollars each, you can’t but it separately though. But in retrospec, mac shadow is 1.5g and it costs 16 dollars. Makeup geek is 1.8g and it’s 6 dollars. With these shadows… Each of the pan is 3.57g . So bear in mind you do get a lot of product in one pan.

The formulation and the pigmentation is great. It blends seamlessly just like good eyeshadows should.

Another pro is that this company doesn’t test on animals and some of these shades are vegan. (dark matter, promiscuous, fixated and amelie)

Last question, should you buy this to add to your collection? 

If you don’t mind to spend the money, then go for it. BUT, please don’t feel pressure whatsoever to get these shades. I love love these for the concept, I think the way that they stack is just so adorable, but if you want something pigmented, not tested on animals, affordable with great formula, and you’re only starting on makeup, my recommendation would still be Makeup geek shadows. 🙂

My LOVE and HATE tag! (Warning: Some foul language in the Hate section!)

Hi guys, I promised to do this Love and Hate tag ages ago, I was nominated by the beautiful chocolatefrosst. So, here goes mine:


  1. Share 10 things that you ‘LOVE’ and 10 things that you ‘HATE’.
  2. Tag up to 10 bloggers .


  1. Online shopping. It’s an addiction really, a beautiful addiction, though! HELP!!
  2. Eyebrow pomades/gels/pencil. Whoever invented this, deserve an ultimate high five.
  3. Spring and Fall. They’re the best season, right in the middle in terms of temperature, not too cold, not too hot.
  4. People who are chilled out and don’t give a damn what everyone thinks. That should be the way it goes in life. Just chill, don’t take anything too personal, go with the flow, if something goes wrong, don’t panic, have faith that something better will come along J
  5. Lip products. I love liquid lipsticks you guys… I don’t have any favourite but out of all the makeup products, the one I really collect/have many of are lip products.
  6. My boyfriend. (insert awww or ewww here) haha. He is just the best. I love that he is very very chilled out. He doesn’t stress about anything, despite the fact that he is still finishing his PhD thesis and have a full time job. And I love just squishing his face and pinching his cheeks, he never complains. LOL. Love him for that!
  7. My guitar. My bf got it for me a few months ago for my birthday and I haven’t stopped playing it since.
  8. My feet. I know I’m one of those people with foot fetish haha. They’re just so neat looking. WHAT? Okay I won’t elaborate this is… getting weird.
  9. Youtube. I love that I can find whatever it is I want on there. Like you want to learn how to salsa at 2 in the morning? You got it!
  10. Last but not least… I LOVE… blogging, and you guys who always read and like my posts. It means a lot to me knowing that I have a virtual family out there. I hope to continue doing this despite my busy job.

Now… on to the hate…

I HATE…!!!!!!!

These are the things I truly hate 100 percent. So, everytime I hate something you guys, I swear… a lot… I’m warning you, if you feel iffy towards swear words…, then feel free to skip reading these.

  1. ATTENTION SEEKER ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Like… People who ranted about random shit on facebook or wherever for the whole fucking world to see then when someone asked them in the comment section “why”, they just answer, “Nah, can’t explain it to you here, it’s too personal”. WTF?! Excuse the language you guys. I LOATHE people like that, just seeking sympathy/attention.
  2. People who posted about ‘things that you should achieve when you’re 20’ or whatever bullshit that is remotely close to that. Seriously, guys, you can’t justify your life based on what buzzfeed said… it’s utterly bullshit! As long as you are happy with your life, you are doing something right and that’s all that matters.
  3. Vloggers. Not because I hate the vlog. I hate it because I always thought to myself, why didn’t I think of that? that’s a fucking genius idea! Now everyone is doing it and if I do it, I won’t be the original one who came up with the concept! Lol.
  4. Make up company that test on animals. Just… no. Like I’m not a vegetarian or anything but this is just fucking cruel. Come on!
  5. Coffee. Blerrrghhh. I get all jittery and nervous after I drink coffee. Yuck.
  6. Scammers. HOW THE FUCK could you live with yourselves? Shame on you!
  7. Food that is tasteless. Like, I would never be able to enjoy it.
  8. Judgy people. Why cant people just get along? Seriously. I was once asked if I go to church. I said no. Then, she proceeded by saying, “You have to go to church…” I’m like who the fuck do you think you is, bitch? Imagine if I tell her, “You shouldn’t go to church”, she will go mental and calling me names. Why does it okay for people to preach about going to religious places but when atheist say you shouldn’t go to wherever, they’ll go mental? There’s a double standard here. Don’t you see? Worship anything you want, be kind to people. I don’t give a flying fuck what your religions are, if you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. End of story.
  9. Makeup shaming. For makeup lover like myself, if you want to go to the gym with face full of makeup, you do you, girlfriend! Usually I go to the gym right after work, of course, I don’t have time to go home and change, are you freaking kidding me? So, I hate when people just assume I put effort (wearing makeup) to they gym. If I do, so what?
  10. Last but certainly not least… BODY SHAMING. UGH! Women ALL over the world are BEAUTIFUL! People have their own definition of what is considered beautiful and that’s what most people don’t get. Case and point: My friend weighs 45 kg, she’s only 5 feet tall, for me, she looks amazing. Proportional for her weight and height. She’s from Fiji. She said, people over there told her to eat more, to gain more weight, that she’s not beautiful. But when she comes to Australia (western standard of beauty, skinny, etc) she was all confused because everyone wants to be thin. This is just one of MANY examples to prove that no matter what body size you are, big or small, what eye shape, what nose shape, people will NEVER be satisfied. So, DON’T listen to them. FUCK THEM!!

This tag was a lot of fun you guys and once again a big thank you to chocolatefrosst for tagging me. I love participating in tags and challenges online.

I Nominate…









Also I tag anyone who might like to try this tag out!

This tag is one of my favourite, it gives me the opportunity to get to know you guys a bit better. So, if you have a chance, give this a go. Xx LOVE YOU!