MY FIRST CLUBBING EXPERIENCE!! (swearing involved, so if you have sensitive eyes, go look elsewhere)

Hey, beautifuls. How are you doing? I wanted to follow up on the tag post I just did last week. It was the one nominated by bittersweetxbeauty and I had to state 7 facts about myself. I did mention that I’d never been clubbing. That was in fact true. I had been to clubs, but I’d never done clubbing. I’d been to maybe 3 different clubs in my 25 years of living in this world haha. But I’d always stayed for 30 minutes and then went home. And then, a new fellow blogger friend of mine, Amy, commented that I didn’t miss anything. Well, I had to agree with you girl, because this is my story.

Last weekend I freakin went to a club and legit stayed there for a good amount of time, an hour and a half, but whose counting.

Anyway, first of all, let me paint you a picture. I was there with my boyfriend who doesn’t dance, my two friends who I’ve known for a long time, maybe 4 years, and two new friends whom I just met that day.

So we went inside and it was eleven at night. The club was packed and the dancefloor was on. I was like, hmmm this is a good sign. So my boyfriend sat down and guarded my bag while the five of us went on the dance floor. Half an hour after that, the two new friends sat down next to my boyfriend. I was still dancing. Half an hour later, I was feeling tired, I sat down in the corner, next to my boyfriend. My two friends were looking at their phone. It was dark in the club so it looked like they were texting each other which was hilarious!

Suddenly out of nowhere. Two blokes started to mock my new friends. They were pointing at them and laughing and pulling their phones. I was like wtf. Bear in mind you guys, I don’t drink. So, this is me, fucking sober and watch the entire thing with a clear fucking mind.

I was like, these dudes are being mean. And then, all the sudden, the flash on their phones went on. Then I thought, are you fucking kidding me? They were taking pictures of my friends! So, I stood up, approached one of the bloke and freakin slap his hand so hard I felt a sting on my hand, and I said, “You don’t have to be a fucking dick about it, ass!” or something maybe more rude along that line.

The guy was shocked and he looked at me and said, “Relax, lady… relax!”

What a fucking dick… I thought to myself. I just gave him a glare and pointed my finger at him.

My friends looked at me and maybe they were grateful of my action I don’t know, but all I was thinking after I left the club was, what a moron I was behaving! I almost knocked his phone to the ground and imagine if I had. He had a fuckin 6s! I only had a 4s. I wouldn’t want to replace his phone if that had happened.

Soooo many things could have gone wrong that night! His girlfriend could have been there (he doesn’t look like he got a fucking girlfriend because he was such an asshole) and she could have bitch slap the hell out of me and said, “keep your paws of ma man” or something rather. He could have gotten angry and God forbid, shoved me down or something like that.

Anyway, it was NOT a good experience for me, you guys. I behaved stupidly, he behaved also fucking idiotic, not gonna lie, but I was glad that I sort of defended my friends from being bullied by two idiots. But… I was also sorry by my action. I should have approached him nicely. I guess.

So, yes, that’s it for today’s post, you guys. Do YOU have a funny/horrifying/annoying clubbing experience? If you do, share it down below! For me, I think it’s official… clubbing sucks… 😀

Til next time.




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