Hello Everyone! How are you??

I hope everyone is having a great week! And hopefully your week is better than mine as you see from the title I have to share not one but TWO disappointing products! To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I seriously don’t even know why oh why I spent money on these products. In Indonesia we have a saying “Lapar Mata” which means “Hungry Eyes” lol. It’s an idiom that we use when you’re not really hungry, but your eyes are. You…are not! This is the case of hungry eyes.

I bought these of beautybay website when they were having a sale I was so excited I even posted about it now I just feel stupid doing so.


I bought the Urban Decay Naked Skin bronzing balm and naked skin foundation in the shade 6.5. I bought the shade 4.0 from Glambot but it was clearly too light for me so I was like… I’ll mix it with the 6.5.

I like the naked skin foundation shade 4.0 eventhough it was way too light for me but I like the formulation and such. I bought that off Glambot, glambot is where I get high end makeup for half the price as they are second hand makeup. But the UD Naked Skin foundation smells like VODKA. Legit, it smells horrible. Ew. I can’t even wear it because I can’t stand the smell of it. YUCK!

DSC07514 DSC07513


And the beauty balm, don’t even get me started. Tho it did give me a bronzy glow, it just didnt work at all for me. The formulation is terrible. It clings to my dry patches and the smell just horrendous! Like… come on, UD. Step up your game!


Moral of the story: if your eyes are hungry. Freaking ignore them, guys. Learn from my lesson. Regret always come… and when it does, it’s such a bitch! Argh! But, I always end on a positive note here on my blog, so if you find this review helpful please give me a big LIKE 🙂 and comment down below whether there is/are products I need to be aware of.



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