My CURRENT Skin Care Routine: OILY SKIN

Hi, beautifuls, how are you enjoying your weekend so far? I hope you’re having fun as always and if you are out and about don’t forget to take care of yo face when you come home. 🙂

Taking care of our face is very important and like they say, you have to have a nice canvas if you want your makeup to apply nicely. I so totally agree. My skin is oily. It is extremely oily in the T zone area and oily in the eyelids too. I have tried so many different skin care products, but this is the latest one that I’m trying out and I like it so far. It really leaves my skin matte longer.

my skin care go to
my skin care go to

They’re all from the brand origins. I chose that brand because it is the safest one I could find on the market, it has no paraben, no phenoxyethanol, no sulphates, and all that bad stuff. That is a HUGE point for me.Because skin care is what I use underneath my makeup. So I want it to be safe for my face. Okay, let’s dig in. I purchased the cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream.

DSC07429this is the cleanser. Origins Zero Oil face wash

DSC07428this is the moisturiser. Also the Zero Oil one.

DSC07427 and this little guy is the eye cream.

Now, for cleanser and moisturiser I’m not too fussy because my skin is not acne prone and it’s just an alright texture, so, most face wash will agree on my face, except for the one that I reviewed a few month ago, which I will link it right here. That one was just a nightmare. Anyway, this ginzing refreshing eye cream claims to reduce puffyness and dark circle under your eyes and I have been using it for a few months now and so far, so good. I can see how it cancels out the puffyness around my eyes, so I’ll keep using this until I ran out.

I recommend this product if you are trying out a new skin care product. I purchased this from and they are not that expensive. The cleanser is about 30-32AUD, moisturiser around the same price and the eye cream was for 39 AUD but now the price has gone up to 44AUD. I take a look at the website and I was kind of disappointed that it went up 😦

Now, the big question is that will I repurchase this?

Yes 🙂

I hope you guys enjoy this mini review and my skin care routine for oily skin. Til next time.



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