Garnier BB Cream Oil Free: REVIEW

Hey Everyone, how are you? I hope you lovelies are doing fantastic.

I have been meaning to review this product for a long time now, it’s the Garnier BB cream Oil Free for Combination to Oily skin. Which is unfortunately my skin type. It’s very annoying to have oily skin, especially extremely oily like mine. I picked this up at Priceline when they have a sale goin on. They always do, so, never buy full price for anything there.

I bought mine in the shade Medium. There are only 2 shades, Light and Medium.

garnier bb cream for oily to combo skin
garnier bb cream for oily to combo skin

Here’s a swatch for you guys. I’m in the shade NC42 in MAC foundation, so this one I thought will be too light for me, but it matches perfectly.


Okay, so this product is not like your typical bb cream where it’s a bit balmy, that’s what the b stands for in bb cream, beauty balm. Mostly bb creams have thicker consistency and not as runny as this one but when you put it on your face it has the same finish as let’s say the urban decay or the stila bb cream.

look how runny!
look how runny!

What do I think of this product?

It did give me what it claims though, which are:


  • gives a luminous matte finish for 88.1% of women.
  • Pores are less visible for 84.7% of women.
  • Imperfections (redness, spots, acne marks…) are minimised for 76.3% of women.

Completely agree you guys, this product does all of the things above instantly and it also said on the website:
After 4 weeks** of using:

  • Skin is less oily.
  • Appearance of pores is minimised.
  • Imperfections are visibly reduced.
  • Skin is more radiant.

So, I will continue to use this product for 4 weeks but after it’s empty I don’t think I will repurchase it because I would wanna move on to try on different products and I don’t like the feeling of luminous matte finish. I want a complete matte finish as I am very extremely oil. BUT if you are going for that luminous finish and you are not as oily as me, this product might be good for you. It’s very affordable, you guys so, no harm in trying. Sadly, there’s only 2 shades, so it’s pretty limited for people with darker skin tone. So, that’s the only con to this product.

I hope you find this review helpful, please give this a thumbs up if you enjoy it and follow me for more posts! thank you so very much for reading…and I will catch up with you guys later.



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