BUDGE-PROOF, WATERPROOF, SWEAT-PROOF, BULLET-PROOF Foundation! (Maybe not so much bullet proof) :D

Hey, Guys.

I have an exciting review for us all today. Judging from the title can you guess what foundation did I have for today’s review?

l'oreal infallible pro matte
l’oreal infallible pro matte

Did you guess correctly? Hehe…

Yep… I had finally jumped on the bandwagon and tried these suckers.

l'oreal infallible pro matte
l’oreal infallible pro matte

I bought these off ebay australia, just typed in l’oreal infallible true match and your shade, you can find your shade in here.

I bought them for less than 20AUD. With Shipping. So I thought that was such a good deal and I bought the shade 106 Sun Beige at first but it was a teeny tiny tad bit too light for my skintone, STILL wearable, though. I wore it most of the time. Then I loved it so much I decided to buy a shade darker 107 Fresh Beige and I was like… yaasss that is my color.

So this is the comparison of the shades. I swatched it with my Mac Studio Fix foundation in NC42 and Make up Forever HD Foundation in Golden Honey 153

top row from left to right: 106, 107, NC42 bottom row: MUFE HD 153
top row from left to right:
106, 107, MAC NC42
bottom row:

See how the shade 107 is exactly the same as MUFE HD Foundation? But like more than 60 percent off the price of MUFE foundation. Such a steal.

Let’s see how this foundation wears throughout the day.

DSC07540 DSC07537

This is after a few hours of wear and I had been to the gym. I went to the gym before I went to my barre attack class. BIG MISTAKE you guys, after I came home I felt like a jello. My body just couldn’t handle it! LOL. Anyway. This is my face after barre attack class.

DSC07655 DSC07654

Barre attack is a combo between ballet, pilates and yoga. It’s some serious shit. I was sweating so much! I was underestimating this class hands down. But anyway, check out the foundation. You can see it’s a bit oily on the forehead, but bear in mind, I’ve worn this foundation for a good… 9 hours. It claimed to be a demi matte foundation, so not a complete flat matte foundation, lasts up to 24 hour. Ermmm that’s a bit excessive. lol. Who the hell wants to wear make up for 24 hour anyway??

For me, this foundation is so great because I am such an oily person. I have tried the MUFE HD foundation, where for dry people this foundation came out matte, for oily people it came out dewy but for my oily skin it came out like an oil spil. No joke. Still love that foundation with all my heart nonetheless, still a great foundation.

I hope you guys find this review helpful. I never try anything else from L’oreal but this foundation is great and affordable, so I highly recommend this. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading you guys, it means a lot to me if you like this blogpost. 🙂 Talk to you guys soon,



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