HOW TO: ELIMINATE ACNE SCARS (Manual Clarisonic haha)

Hi, Everyone! I hope y’all doing well.

I am going to share with you how I get rid off my acne scars. With my complexion, being asian and all, it’s really easy to get scaring from acnes. I have a tendency to pop my acne and it’s really addictive, you guys. I can’t help it. I know it’s really bad for you and your skin and it’s very hard to get rid off the scars even more after your dirty finger nails touched it.

Well, now.. I have the secret to minimize the appearance of acne scars for less than 10 dollars…. Drumroll please…

the body shop face brush
the body shop facial brush

What is that? Some of you might ask.. It’s a facial brush cleanser. I got it from The Body Shop. It’s only 5.95AUD . Think of it as a manual clarisonic, or whatever that is, the one that’s everyone in youtube been raving about. Yup, that thing.

I have been using this to get rid off acne scars for a few years now and now I’m going to share with you how to use it.
It’s pretty self explanatory, really, all you need to do is wash your face as usual but instead of using your hand to rub your face, you use this.

DO NOT press too hard. Remember, the skin on your face is the most sensitive part, especially around the eyes area.

DO NOT use it every day. I use it two or three times a week until my acne scars have disappeared. After that I won’t use it, until I have some scarring, then I’ll use it again.

DSC07543 DSC07544

I have bought 2 of these babies because I wasn’t taking care of it properly the first time. You have to get rid off the cap that comes with it. NOT literally of course. haha. Just keep it somewhere else, once you’ve done using it, just dry the brush, but don’t put it back in the cap, trust me on this. But DO keep the cap as you might need it when travelling.

I first heard about this when my friend’s boss told her that she used face brush to get rid off a stain on her silk scarf, and it worked, and she was like, hmmm… if this can get through the fibre in the silk, wonder what it would do to my face… So, she started using it on her face and it works as well.

Alright, I hope you find this post helpful and if you have decided to give this a go, let me know, other than that, have a great afternoon, evening, or morning, wherever you are. I love you guys, thank you for reading.




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