The MAKEUP BOX SHOP HAUL! Makeup organiser

Hi, everyone, happy WEEKEND to us all! Feel like you can breath again after a whole week of school/work? Me too! 🙂 I am soooo glad to wake up this morning. I love my weekends. I hope you are enjoying yours too wherever you are.

I recently ordered a few makeup organiser from the website of the makeup box shop. They arrived yesterday. Check these out!


the makeup box
the makeup box shop

They packed everything super nice. I was worried that the makeup drawers will crack or get damaged on the way but nope. They packed it with styrofoam and plastics. It’s all very sturdy.

nicely packed
nicely packed

Without further a due, here are the goodies!

DSC07619 DSC07622

mini glamour makeup box
mini glamour makeup box

DSC07613 DSC07612

lipstick stand
lipstick stand
jewellery tray organizer
jewellery tray organiser

These organisers are sooooo sturdy and the qualities are so good, you guys. I loved them! Have you guys bought anything from this website before? If so, let me know! Where do you buy your makeup organiser?

Til I see you next time! Thank you for reading and I hope this information is helpful to some of you who are looking for a good makeup organiser.



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