Hello my beautiful friends. It’s humpday! Spoiler alert:  This is going to be a negative review of simple skincare spot zapper. So, let’s get to it!

simple spot zapper
simple spot zapper

While I like the idea of eliminating zit with a roller ball method, this one isn’t very well executed.

roll on method
roll on method

So, simple skincare spot zapper. It claimed to:

  • help visibly reduce spot redness
  • help to fight spots and blemishes
  • visibly reduces spot in 4 hours

It said to apply as soon as spot appears and reapply as needed until the spot disappeared.

I didn’t see any changes whatsoever. I have been reapplying as soon as it dries and waited for 4 hours and it didn’t do anything!!

What I do like though is that the cooling effect that it has from the roller ball. That’s very soothing for me, other than that.. nope. Won’t be repurchasing this again. They range for 5.99AUD to 9.99AUD at Priceline. So, price wise they’re not too bad. If they work for you that’s great if not, then it’s not like you’re cutting an arm or anything. So, I can’t really complain in the price department. IF you want to give it a go, go ahead but I’m just telling you that I won’t. 🙂

Hope you are having a great day. Thank you so much for reading you guys and leave me comments down below if you like this and if you’ve tried this product or if you want to recommend any zit remover product for me to try!




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