Hi guys. How is it going? Two product empties post in less than 3 days. What?? Yep. I have been saving to write this post, actually. If you haven’t read that blogpost, you can click over here to read it.


So the next product I am going to talk about is from simple skincare. I got this from priceline. The price range between 6.99AUD-9.99AUD, sometimes they have 30 percent off, 20 percent off, buy 3 get 2, so the price varies.

Before this I have been using thebalm rose face cleanser which I gave a negative review about on the previous post.

left: negative review right: POSITIVE :)
left: negative review
right: POSITIVE 🙂

After I started using this, I could see improvements on my skin. I could see the acne scars started to fade which was such a good sign. So I kept using this product until it’s gone.


The one thing that I don’t like about this is that after using this product my face feels dry. My face is on the oily side, so when it feels dry it feels weird! There’s a difference between dry face and matte face. I had hope that this cleanser will keep my face matte but it dries it out. So thats my one complain about this, other than that, I loved it!


It’s affordable, it clears out my skin, safe to use everyday, and doesn’t break me out.

Will I repurchase?:

I am trying new product now so I won’t be repurchasing this one again, with that being said, it is possible for me to buy this product again in the future.

I hope this review is helpful to some of you guys who wanted to try out this cleanser/scrub.

I’ll see you lovelies in my next post.

Thank you so much for reading.



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