Hi everyone!!

Thank you for the likes on my previous travel post. I will continue to post this kind of post. I myself love reading travel blogs, because before travelling I’d like to do some research on how to get around in a strange place; where to stay, and the review of the hostel, what to eat, what to do, etc.

On today’s post I’m going to talk about Xian. It will be divided into a few blogposts because I have so many stories to tell you guys. In this post, I am going to talk about Xian food. When talking about Xian food, I HAVE to talk about:

Muslim Street (Hui Min Jie)

DSC06860 DSC06862

This street has the most Muslim’s influence. A lot of people here are immigrants from Xinjiang province which is a part of China that is the closest to Kazakhstan.

The food here is amazing. If you are thinking Chinese food in China is good. Then I won’t be friends with you. LOL. In my opinion, Chinese food everywhere in the world is da bomb! I came from Indonesia, in Indonesia Chinese food taste soooo damn good. So does in Australia and America. BUT Chinese food in China is yuck! No offense to my Chinese friends. I am of Chinese descent, and I lived in Shanghai! But the food… they’re very oily! I only like Chinese food in Beijing. That’s it. Everywhere else… meh…. BUT….in this street the Chinese food tastes awesome! And… different because of the Xinjiang influence.  🙂

DSC06864 DSC06867

The cold noodles with the barbequed spicy bread are da bomb dot com.

DSC06869 DSC06870

DSC07074 DSC07075

If you are from Indonesia, you must be a fan of fried banana. Their fried banana is quite different as they used breadcrumbs. 🙂 SO, give it a go! And the icecream is called “wawatou” which means “doll head”. It’s pretty cute. Taste allright, but it’s only like 3 RMB so… yeah why the hell not…

DSC07072 DSC07071

I seriously forgot of the name of the dish on the left. But on the right we have noodles with bread cut out into it. DELICOUS! All of these food are 100 percent HALAL!!

DSC06962Speaking of halal….

The pic above is a ride or die food you have to try when you visit Xi an. It’s called Rou Jia Mo. (Meat with Bread)

What kind of meat is this? I won’t let you know because if I do you won’t try it but I promise you it is not pork. Majority of the people loved it. Me, personally…I don’t like it. NOT because of the meat. Meat is just meat I mean… great but… It’s not like I have to have you kind of thing. The let down is the bread. They looked very yummy and fluffy and soft but they’re quite hard and chewy. So, not the best quality of bread.

So, that’s all for this Xian post part one. I will post part 2 some other time. Part two will be about where to go in Xian 🙂

See you in the next post.




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