Travelbug series #1: CHENGDU, CHINA

Hi Everyone.

Let me open this by saying how much I miss writing. SOOOO sorry I haven’t been active here. I just got back from my holiday to China. I visited my lil sis in Shanghai and we travelled to Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, and Xian. I thought I start a blog post on tips and where to go to the places that I visited in Chengdu and maybe in the next post, I’ll post about other places.

Without further a due, here’s Chengdu.

Chengdu is located in the Sichuan province. Sichuan province is well known because of its spicy food, such as: huiguorou, mapo tofu, cold noodles.

DSC06076 mapo tofu

DSC06075 spicy beef soup.

DSC05889 DSC05888

cold noodles

DSC05672kungpao chicken


Chengdu is also famous for its temple. I stayed at MR. PANDA hostel. It is right in the middle of the city and its walking distance to the subway station and the bus station and the staffs are very friendly and helpful, heaps of street style eatery left and right to the hotel. It was the PERFECT location for a backpacker like me. 🙂

DSC05675 DSC05674

the city centre

DSC05677 DSC05678

wenshu monastery


mao’s statue at noon


mao’s statue at night time

DSC05945 DSC05958 DSC05957 DSC05950 DSC05949 DSC05948

chengdu at night


at the panda breeding centre

When you go to chengdu you have to visit the panda breeding centre. The best part of staying in the hostel is that they offer you a 3 hour tour including picking you up to the panda centre and taking you back home to the hostel. 🙂

We also went to the Wuhouzi. Wuhouzi is a very historic temple. To appreciate this temple complex, you need to know some of the history. China was divided into three empires that were in war to compete with each other. Those three empires were: the Wu, Wei and Shu Kingdoms. It has more detailed explanation inside this temple and you can buy/borrow their tape too.

It’s got a bonsai garden as well and…this place was the coolest! Next to it was the night market called Jin Li. Best to visit this place around 4ish. Walk around the temple for 2 hours then go next door to this place and try out more food!         DSC05883 DSC05882 DSC05880 DSC05879 DSC05876 DSC05875 DSC05874 DSC05872

At night time this place is magnificent!

DSC05912 DSC05907   DSC05904 DSC05902 DSC05900 DSC05896

You also have to visit kuang xiang zi zhai xiang zi. Phew that’s a mouthful. In English this is translated as Narrow Alley. LOL. They have THE BEST shao kao (barbeque on a stick).

DSC06161 DSC06160 DSC06158 DSC06157 DSC06156 DSC06155

For you guys who love to go shopping. High end stuff especially. Visit IFS Mall.

DSC06060 in NY they have King Kong. Here is PANDA INVASION!



This place at night.. AMAZING!

DSC06139  DSC06127

You also have to visit… the People’s Park. Especially if you are travelling on a Saturday or Sunday. They have a bunch of old people looking for soulmates for their grandkids or kids. It’s hilarious! I don’t think that their grandkids/kids even know that the grandparents put them up for advertisement! LOL.

DSC05740 DSC05743 DSC05742 these old people trying to play matchmaker!

DSC05773 DSC05769 DSC05765 people watching in the park…

DSC05753 DSC05750

Overall Chengdu is a great city IF you are able to speak Chinese. People here do not speak English. Well, in China, in general. Very few people speak English. So if you don’t speak Chinese, its best to contact a university or the hostel you are staying and ask if they have someone who can accompany you. You have to pay them of course, so like a day tour guide kind of thing.

I hope this post is helpful for you guys who wanted to go to Chengdu. I will continue to post about my travelling journey. Thank you for reading and I will see you in the next post 🙂



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