OPI NAIL POLISH: REVIEW! Once you go OPI you can never go back! True? or False?

Hey hey noobies!

I have  a nailpolish review for you guys. This one is from OPI. Who doesn’t know OPI. It is such  a well known brand especially in the nailpolish world. This brand is so big and they make tons of different color and different editions as well like summer edition, coca cola edition, you name it, they got it!

In Australia, they retail at around AUD19.95 but sometimes you can find them on special for AUD14.45 or even less. I always see these go on sale in the Westfield Mall for AUD15 for 2. But, I got my first and probably last OPI Nailpolish Lacquer for only AUD6. YAY! I got it at priceline. They were having a huge sale so I was like… meh. let’s try it! Mine is in the color My Private Jet.


The application goes on very smoothly even when I applied the first coat. It is the smoothest nailpolish I’ve ever tried. It is claimed to be chip resistant and long lasting, but I found it pretty standard. Mine still chipped after a few days which I found OK for nailpolish. OPI changed its formula in 2007 I think, they eliminated formaldehyde from one of their ingredient. Good on you, OPI!

Will I buy a 2nd bottle? Probably not… I am not crazy on nailpolish to begin with, and I like my maybelline nailpolish better. It is more affordable and for someone who chipped their nailpolish a lot, I don’t need an expensive brand. Right? Get your priorities straight! 🙂

Anyway, hope you enjoy this post and found it helpful. It will mean a lot if you follow me and of course I’ll follow you back.



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