Hello everyone!

How are you today? I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Monday. I sure as hell not because I have to work. And also because I have a pretty hefty subject to discuss. As you probably know that I am a fan of Gerard Cosmetics lipglosses. I like their pigmentation and their formulation. I didn’t have any allergic reaction to it and they ALWAYS have coupon codes that I could find to get their products for a lot cheaper.

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There has been a scandal surrounding Gerard Cosmetics. It started with one video from youtube from a girl called Karina, you can check her video here. She basically gave the Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick creation, it’s called 1995, a bad review. It was a super duper negative review. It caused allergic reaction and she had bumps on her lips. All that drama! I felt sorry for her because my personal opinion on Gerard Cosmetics is neutral. I like their lipstick, not too much but I do like their lipglosses a lot.

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Anyway, Karina bashed Gerard and then the owner of Gerard Cosmetics, Jen, basically were recorded on a snapchat with MannyMUA (Also one of the beauty guru from youtube just like Jaclyn Hill) and said that Karina was ugly. WTF?! What is this the 5th grade?! You have to wear your headset and listen to it very carefully as the video was cut right after she said that but I heard it and it was clear to me that she said Karina was ugly. I was like, girl… not cool! If you want to see the video, click here.

The story doesn’t end there. Like I said. DRAMA!! Basically MannyMUA wrote on his twitter or whatever social media platform, he said that Karina’s review was basically bullying Gerard Cosmetics and therefore it is okay for Jen to say that Karina was ugly. Hmmm… I don’t think so! It doesn’t matter what review you get, if you believe that your product was good then just brush it off your shoulders and if you think that Karina was right, maybe reformulate the lipstick. Use her critic to better your product. Geez!!

I am very disappointed in them. I take bullying very seriously. This issue will always stick to my heart as I used to be bullied a lot in middle school. Man, kids are mean!! 😦


The second reason why I was disappointed was because I already bought a bunch of their lipgloss using the cinco de mayo coupon code that I put on this blog and I actually really liked them and I was planning to do a review on my lippie series here on my blog. But this just made me doubt my decision to post the review or not.

Anyway, I wanted to end this on a more positive note. I think what we can learn from this is that bullying is everywhere but I am proud to see that a lot of people have made a respond video on this issue, defending Karina and that just store my faith in humanity. Hopefully Jen will apologise to Karina as well and better the business ethics/practice for her company.

All the best you guys!

I’ll see you in the next post.





  1. Hey, this too has disappointed me, however I do agree that you shouldn’t post b/c that would be supporting their brand by putting the name out there and I too am so against bullying of any form, so I would say don’t. But maybe its a passive way of bullying to not post about the product because she made a mistake, and hopefully thats all it is so she deserves a second chance, idk, just thinking out loud lol it’s a free world girl, do you!


  2. I really don’t know why people are still talking about this. Since I saw this link on Jaclyn Hill’s Instagram I feel like I need to clarify a few things here because the situation with GC has been distorted. I’m sure this wasn’t done on purpose in posting this blog. You are just repeating what you have heard. I saw the original snap and thought it was odd. Manny later admitted to taping The GC owner without her knowing it. Her comment was cut off so no one knows what she was really saying and you have to really struggle to make out any words at all. I think we all vent from time to time, there was no bullying here. When it happened I watched all the videos to make my own conclusion and I can only say the Karina review of 1995 was not a review but a straight up bash. If I owned a company, I would not like some girl bashing my work like that. She did not say anything rude publicly, just to a friend like I think we all do. Manny has apologized for posting the video and that should be the end of it. Manny is really genuine and didn’t mean to start all of this. I can say also that Karina and her friends seem to be enjoying all of the attention they are getting from this . She hardly has any subscribers and her video about this now has over 60000 view. Cha-Ching .


    1. I know, I am just repeating of what I’ve heard. I have no intention to bash GC or anything. I am just stating my opinion that bullying is wrong and this happened to be the example of my post. I think what Karina said was a little bit bashing the 1995 lipstick but this is a free world and I’d like to think that anyone can say whatever they want. I personally won’t put it that way, but IF the owner of GC really called her names and post the video online that’s unacceptable for me, regardless what Karina does. Yes we all vent from time to time and that’s what Karina does but calling people names is the line that I won’t cross. But, yeah you’re right the video is not clear and Manny has apologised which I think is a good sign. It must be so hard for him to apologise especially since he didn’t say anything in the video he just uploaded it. Thanks for taking the time and commenting on my post 🙂 means a lot to hear your opinion.


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