Hello my noobies. Happy hump day. I have a teeny tiny haul for you guys. It is from the korean brand etude house. Who here haven’t heard of them? This brand is huge in Korea and I heard that Korean bb cream is da bomb. So, I purchased this one from etude house, it has spf 50. What?? You can not go wrong with spf 50. I live in the southern hemisphere so it is ridiculously hot and dry in the summer and we have less ozon layers so we don’t get protected as much. That’s why sunscreen and sun protection is very important if you live in da land down unda’.

Okay, enough science lesson, let’s jump into the products.

The first one like I said, the bb cream. I purchased a cushion like bb cream. Oh btw all of this products are purchased through this site: jolse.com  They do offer free shipping! Yay!


This is great for travelling because you don’t have to squeeze the tube and deal with explosion when in a hurry. It comes with a sponge too, that makes the application way easier.

IMG_8074 IMG_8075

So I got mine in the shade : Honey Beige. This is the darkest shade that they have on the site. But it’s still a bit lighter for my complexion. BUT If I have to choose I’d rather be too light than too dark.

IMG_8076 IMG_8077

The formulation is great. When you push the product, it came instantly. It’s very creamy and light in texture. it doesn’t feel like applying bb cream. It almost feel like a regular liquid foundation.


And then I purchased a lipstick also from etude house, from their line “Dear My Blooming Lips Talk” in the shade OR 207.



The packaging is super cute! 🙂

IMG_8082 IMG_8083

The color is super bright and vibrant and it is very pigmented. I say it is worth the money. I purchased it for USD9.98

I purchased the bb cream for USD19.38

Overall I am quite impressed on the pigmentation and the formulation of the BB cream. I went to Thailand a week ago and I used the bb cream before my foundation and it felt okay. I didn’t feel icky or anything. Of course it would still be oily on your skin but sometimes you have to choose safety over appearance. Am I right? 🙂

I would give the bb cream 8 out of 10 as it tends to be on the oily side just a tad… and the lipstick, it’s a good lipstick so yes 8 out of 10 as well.

I hope you found this review helpful. Thank you for reading my blogposts and liking them, you guys made my day!

Til next time I post. Which probably going to be tomorrow. lol.




    1. Yes, indeed they’re very cute. Do try them out if you’re out of bb cream. I have this one for ages and haven’t been able to finish it! haha. Thank you for taking your time and commenting on my post 🙂


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