Happpy Tuesday Everyone!

I have a review for you, it is an eyeshadow palette by toofaced, called “jingle all the way”. It is an old palette but I really like the packaging I think this was very creative, super cute! That’s the reason why I bought this palette in the first place. I think it’s safe to say that I should NOT judge the palette by its cover… Let’s scroll down to see why.

photo 1

photo 2

See what I mean by super cute, though? 😛

Let’s jump into the swatches. Since this palette did not have names, which I thought was a shame, I will just number it as I go.

This is the first row.

photo 1

So from letf to right:

Shade #1: It’s got a semi matte navy color. It performed super matte although there are flecks of glitter surrounding it.

Shade#2:  it’s a silvery shade that looks like a failed glitter explosion, it’s a beautiful light beige color with lots of sparkle

And then Shade #3: a beautiful copper shade also with sparkly finish.

photo 2

This is the second row. Shade #4: It’s a very light brown shade with frosted finish.

Shade #5: a soft medium pink shade also with frosted finish

And then we have Shade #6: a medium purple shade and it’s not so sparkly like the others.

photo 1

Third row. Shade #7: I would describe it as a coppery orange shade. It is more orange than shade #3 which is more copper, this one has a frosted finish also.

Shade #8: dark brown shade with flecks of sparkle but did not show in the swatches

Shade #9: this is a teal shade and I think it was meant to have a sparkly finish but… Look how chalky!

photo 1

The highlight shades and blush shades are my favorite. They’re the most blendable and pigmented shades in this palette.

From left to right: ivory shade with a matte finish, beige shade with a matte finish, the bronzer is a nice light coppery orange shade and the beautiful blush is a shade of I would say medium pink shade with a slightly matte finish.

photo 2

And these are the swatches of every shades.

Overall I would rate this palette 6 out of 10 because I only like the matte shades and the blush shade. The pigmentation is good however some of the shades are very chalky and didn’t blend as much.

They do not stock this palette anymore but I say that you’re not missing out at all… They still stock the toofaced candy bar palette which has similar shade and packaging but I am kind of dissappointed already so I won’t be jumping for joy if I do get that one… why would I anyway?! 😛

I hope you find this review helpful and let me know if you want me to review a certain product I will try my best to do that for you as well. In the mean time, have a great day, noobies!



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