HAUL NUME CURLJAM SET + COUPON CODE 100 dollars off + FREE argan oil!

Hello hellooooo everyone. I have a haul for you. Not really a haul because I only buy one thing, but it’s still something I want to show you. It is the Nume Curljam set. I was so excited when I purchased this and when it finally arrived I was over the moon!!

photo 2

So the curjam set consists:

One curling iron with 3 different barrel, so basically 3 curling irons, one straightener, and I got a free argan oil as well using the code “BLOSSOMS” from youtuber Shaaanxo for 100 dollars off and free argan oil!! It’s such a good deal, so I suggest you abuse this deal before it expired. I don’t know when will it expired. ๐Ÿ˜›

photo 1

Another bonus from this set is that they give you a free glove, as you really need it when curling your hair. It’s very important! You do not wanna burn your hand. I chose the color turquoise with the European plug, not the US plug. Since I live in Australia, they provided me an adaptor. Say whaaa?? I already have a universal adaptor but the fact that they gave me a new one is just awesome. I have already used the straightener to curl my hair and when I used the curlers I will post a before and after pic ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great day everyone. Hopefully you find this review helpful, If you do, please like this post and follow me if you haven’t already I will follow you back, sista.



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