HOW TO: Choose the Right Frame

Hello hello beauty noobies out there how are you? I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I sure as hell am but I am so not looking forward to work again tomorrow but hey I feel like I say this all the time lol but it’s okay #firstworldproblem

I have a random post for you guys, it is how to choose the right sunnies frame for your face. By your face I mean my face, and I am asian so I have different face structure. My cheeks are fuller and I don’t have a strong cheekbones or jawlines or even pointy nose, so it’s kind of hard to choose glasses that will sit perfectly on your barely exist nose. haha if that makes sense. But I have found one glasses that fits me. Let’s see which one wins 🙂

photo 4

Check out this style. The frame is obviously too big. They didn’t sit properly on my nose bridge and they were touching my cheeks. So this is a style to avoid.

photo 2

This one is good. It sits nicely on the nose bridge but the two lines connecting the two glasses isn’t very flattering for my face. This style accentuate the pointy nose that I’m lacking.

photo 3

Now this is a perfect fit. I recommend finding sunnies that is dark, not reflective or colorful like the previous pic, and not too big like the first pic so the glasses don’t hide your feature. With this one you can still see my round cheeks but in my opinion they are the most flattering to my face shape.

I hope you find this tip helpful. I hate shopping for sunnies because it’s such a hassle, so if you guys have similar facial structure like mine, hopefully this post could benefit you somehow.

Thank you for reading my blogpost. Please follow my blog if you haven’t already I will follow back as I lovee reading other entry. They are super entertaining!! 😀

Til next time.



2 thoughts on “HOW TO: Choose the Right Frame

  1. This was really useful! I have to wear glasses and boy it is so hard to find the right kind of glasses as a lot of them make my face look more round which is not flattering at all! X


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