HOW TO: The Perfect MESSY BUN PERFECT FOR HOLIDAY!!! (Because I am on holiday at the moment! lol)

photo 1

Hi everyone. I hope you are feeling fantastic because I am!

Let me tell you why….because I am on holiday at the moment! Aww yeah, This is my first everrrrr solo trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand for 8 days. I am nervous yet excited. I feel like once in your life you have to fly solo, you have to travel on your own and enjoy the beauty of a strange city and just explore by yourself. I will be staying with friends as I am travelling on a budget buttt all my friends have work as well so they can’t stay with me and babysit me when I’m there, which is why I will be exploring by myself most of the time and I am STOKED!!

When I am travelling I love putting my hair in a bun because it’s out of my hair and out of my face! and such a great timesaver. I hate having to style my hair and curling my hair just takes aaaageesssss, so I find that this style is the easiest style for a lazy gurl like me. Thumbs up this post if you like it and if you like to be lazy like me! 🙂

So. Step 1

Put your hair in a ponytail. It doesn’t matter how high, but I like to put my pony tail not in the crown of my head but a bit above that, in the hair whorl, where your hair grows, that’s where I’d like to put my pony tail. So it’s kind of like a high pony.

Step 2

After you put it in a pony tail, secure it with elastic band or robber band or hairband whatever. TEASE THE HELL OUT OF YOUR HAIR!!! TEASE TEASE TEASE. This is an important step to give your hair a lot of volume.

Step 3

This is where you twist your hair around. Do it COUNTER CLOCKWISE! Then lay your hair flat and pin it with bobby pins.

Final step

Hairspray your hair so you don’t have flyaway. 🙂

There you have it guys. Simple but this hairstyle looks well put together doesn’t it? 🙂

photo 1photo 2

Thank you for reading and have a great day, you guys! If you decided to give this a try please let me know 🙂

photo 2  TA-DAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!



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