No Poo Method. Yay or Nay? #GROSS or #YASS ??

Hello my beautiful noobies.

I wanted to kick off by saying happy weekend to all of you guys and I am here to share one thing that has bothered me the most. Maybe you are confused by the title of No Poo. NO I didn’t mean not going to the bathroom for number two, that’s just gross, I meant No Shampoo Method. Hah! Did I get your attention? I think so. Hehe.

So I have super oily scalp. I wash my hair every day. Yep. I can go without washing my hair for 2 days but I just feel gross afterwards. So, my first reaction when I heard of No shampoo method I was all…


Then, I heard that if you don’t use shampoo your hair actually stops producing excessive oil, I’m like…


I know, right…. but then I stumbled across this article about an experiment of a girl who stops using shampoo completely and just wash her hair with water. She said that she didn’t shampoo her hair for 6 YEARS!! YUP!


That meme cracks me up.

Here’s what’s really interesting. Deep down, I know that shampooing your hair is like putting makeup on your face. It’s putting chemical products on your body. I also know that so many people have used shampoo substitute to wash their hair, for instance, baking soda. Yup. Stuff that you can find in your kitchen has been proven more effective to eliminate excessive oil and dandruff and flaky-ness (if that’s even a word) on your scalp.

So I continued reading the article and the writer said that the first 3 weeks of not shampooing your hair was the worst. She almost caved time and time again, but then she stuck to that method and now 6 years later she hasn’t looked back, and let me tell you, she attached picture and her hair looks FANTASTIC.

You can read the full article here .

So, how about it, guys? Are you ready to give this a go?? I think for once in my life I have to try this out of curiosity, maybe not now, but I will definitely let you know if one day I magically decided to do it!

I hope you guys enjoy this post. It’s a bit long but I hope you found this helpful and maybe inspired you to try new things as well. If you like this post and follow me I’ll make sure to follow you as well.



2 thoughts on “No Poo Method. Yay or Nay? #GROSS or #YASS ??

  1. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go but my problem is that I need something to help detangle my hair and strengthen the hair folicles. I usually go two or three days without washing my hair but I do use a lot of dry hair shampoo! Great blog post though ^_^


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