Hello everyone, I just wanted to update you on what’s happening on hautelook.com

Hautelook.com is a website where you can get a lot of high end product (clothes, makeup, and appliances) for half the retail price or more. If you live in the US, hautelook offer free shipping over 100 dollar purchase. Sadly I do not live in the US, so I can’t use that advantage. However I have ordered from hautelook before and I had to pay for shipping and it was cray cray but anything in Australia is twice the price anyway so it was worth it.

So, what’s on hautelook this week? They have discounted products of Lorac cosmetics and Bh cosmetics. If you want to stock up on Lorac or Bh cosmetics, you should check out this website. One thing I don’t like about this website is that the sale are way too quick. They have it on 2-3 days max and that’s it, so you have to be quick! If you want  to help me out by clicking the link here, maybe you can help me get 20 dollars off 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 10.26.43 am

I’ll see you in the next post noobies. Thank you so much for reading my entries. If you follow me I’ll make sure to follow you back. There’s nothing I like more than reading your entries too. 🙂



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