Hello hello I have another review for you noobies out there. Have you guys heard of the brand morphebrushes? They sell affordable makeup brushes and eyeshadows. I am here to review their single eyeshadows. I haven’t tried their brushes, I bought their eyeshadows because Jaclyn Hill, one of my fav MUA from youtube recommended it and I have been using them eversince!

photo 2

I bought 8 shades from them:


From left to right: first row:


The shades are:

ES64 Cafe machiato, it is a peachy brown with shimmer and has a velvet finish

ES74 Burlesque, which is a beautiful copper shade, the pigmentation of this shade is SICK! you can basically just put this all over your lid, blend it out with any matte neutralising shade and you are done!

ES62 Toasted Hazelnut, muted taupe brown, and a matte finish.

From left to right: second row:


The shades are:

ES24 Deep cocoa, which is a gorgeous intense reddish brown and it has a beautiful matte finish.

ES14 Spice, it is a vivid orange. The color may intimidate you at first but I bought this specifically to do a warm bronzy summer glow look and I’m telling you this color is very blendable, very smooth and very rich in pigmentation actually all of them are. hehe

From left to right: third row:


The shades are:

ES45 Grape day, this is a violet blue, has a matte finish. I love his one and the next shade below for a particular reason! lol

ES44 I got the blues, this shade is a deep blue matte shade and this is gorgeous!! I will soon do a tutorial on 80s look because this shade just screams 80s to me.

ES23 Gravity, this is a burgundy shades, plum with shimmery finish. To be honest this is my least favorite out of the bunch, just because I was expecting something a bit more burgundy. From the website it looks wayyy more purply than this one.


These eyeshadows are HOT items, you guys.

You need to know that all of the swatches are all one swipe across my arm. It is that pigmented and so blendable and smooth… Oh and the best part is, guys, they’re only 2 DOLLARS EACH!!! They also have palettes and of course they are cheaper when they came in a palette however I heard that their singles eyeshadows have better quality than the palette ones. I am not too sure about this because I haven’t bought the palette but when I do, I’ll definitely review them for you guys. They are offering coupon code as well, I am not sure if Jaclyn Hill still have the code for morphe, it used to be JACATTACK in ALL CAPS but check out other youtubers as well I’m sure they have a 10 percent coupon code. Now, that’s a bargain. Oh, I just check and the code still works for now, so if you want to stock up, now would be the time. 🙂

Thank you for reading my entries you guys. I couldn’t have been more grateful to have you to share my thoughts that are beauty related. If you follow my blog I will follow you as well as I love finding new things to read and discover.

See you in the next post noobies.




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