Hello hello every beauty newbies / noobs out there. I hope you are doing well today. I am here to review the Bh Cosmetics palette : Eyes on the 70s. At first glance, I was immediately drawn to this palette because of the colors. They’re very vibrant and scream ‘disco’. Don’t you think? This palette has 30 shades, from shimmer, glitter, to matte.

Let’s check out the first row:


As you can see they range from shimmer, glitter and matte. They do not have shadow name nor description on their website. But, I can tell you that they’re very pigmented, however they tend to have a lot of fall out. Let’s continue the swatches until the last row:


See what i mean by fall out?


The 3rd row has the best formulation in my opinion.



Overall I didn’t regret buying this palette because the possibilities of look you can achieve with this one palette are ENDLESS. Not to mention the price of this palette is crazy cheap. Well it’s retailed for 21.95 but they always have a discount on their website. I got mine for 8.00 dollars from another website called If you live in the US, you would love this website. And if you are subscribed to you can get the best deal out of heaps of beauty products and I believe bh cosmetics is on special on hautelook now. Click here to check it out, and if you click that link maybe you’ll help me get 20 dollars off my next purchase 🙂

See you in the next post, noobies.



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