Best Makeup Brush in my opinion

Hola hola noobies. =D

Hope you are having a great time and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. I hope you ate lotsa ‘eggs’ hehe.

In this opportunity I’d like to talk about makeup brush. I would like to limit to one type of brush, face brush, so any foundation brush, buffing brush, powder, blush, contour and all that jazz.

For my foundation brush I own 3 brushes. 2 from Real techniques and 1 from Sigma. I have the Real technique stippling brush and real technique expert face brush. I own sigma flat top f80 kabuki brush.

Now, price range. Yes, real technique is cheaper than sigma. And the quality is really good… so I’ve heard. But, I found out that one day my stippling brush and my expert face brush fell apart! wtf. right?? Hang tight, story gets worse… when I was washing them. WHAT? (Insert explosion sound effect here). Don’t believe me? I’ll attach a pic.


But Hey, nothing a super glue couldn’t fix. Right? Right? Mehhh..


I fixed my stippling brush with this glue and it seemed to hold really well, so I did the same thing to my expert face brush (pic above) and the glue just kept coming off.

My sigma brush on the other hand, I’ve used it so many times and I’ve thoroughly abused it too and until today it is still intact.

If I have a spare money I would definitely invest in a good brush. So in my opinion, sigma brushes wins in the brush department. If anyone of you experiencing the same with realtechnique brushes let me know 🙂

See you in the next post, noobies. If you follow my blog i’ll definitely follow back 🙂



8 thoughts on “Best Makeup Brush in my opinion

    1. i know. i just use the normal stuff (olive oil mixed with anti bacterial soap and water). It didn’t happen with my sigma brush and I’ve used it like crazy. I really went hard everytime i use my brushes. just those 2 i dont know why. My real technique setting brush is fine though. Only the foundation brushes maybe I got a dud… 😦

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