REVIEW COMING SOON: BH COSMETICS Eyes on the 70s palette :D


Hello hello my noobies. I have been meaning to review this palette from bh cosmetics. Bh Cosmetics is one of the cruelty free, affordable brand out there and I have had this palette for about 4 months now but haven’t got around it. Grrr… I will definitely have to do a swatch and review for you guys. By looking at the colors I can say that I’m impressed. It’s got a nice selections of shimmer and metallics. And best price is that the price for this was 21.95 but I got it for 8 dolars on hautelook. If you haven’t got a chance to sign up, please do, it is free to join and you can get the best deals on cosmetics and clothes especially if you live in the US as they do offer free shipping on orders over 100 dolars.


Anyway I’ll get my hand into this and I’ll review them asap! 🙂

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