Mac Shadows Saddle and Soft brown : Dupe!

Hello hello my noobies friends.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I know I am 🙂

I just wanted to post a quick swatch and mini review on Mac Shadows in the shade saddle and soft brown. Those two (I feel like, anyway) are the most talked shades here in the beauty community. Those two shades are the most perfect shades for blending. Now, now. Do I have them? Oh, hell no. Why? Simply because they’re super expensive. They’re MAC cosmetics of course they are expensive. I went to the MAC counter and decided to swatch the shadows and I didn’t wash the swatch of my arms when I got home to see if I have similar shadows. Don’t worry. I washed my hands! lol.

So, without further a due… here’s the swatch:


As it turned out, I did have similar shadows from Makeupgeek and Morphe cosmetics. Now…now…

Which one is MAC and which one is Makeupgeek and Morphe? I can’t tell the difference. Seriously! Can you?

But the top rows from left to right: MAC Soft Brown and MAC Saddle

Bottom rows from left to right: Morphe eyeshadow in the no.62, Makeupgeek frappe and Makeupgeek Cocoa bear. And to be honest, cocoa bear is more pigmented than Mac Saddle.

So there you have it. More expensive doesn’t guarantee more pigmented whatsoever.

Stay safe and see you in the next post, if you are happy with this mini review please give it a thumbs up or follow me and I’ll definitely follow you back 🙂



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