Hellooooo, noobies.

I know… who here hasn’t heard of makeupgeek? If you haven’t, lemme tell you about this amazing amazing brand. Okay, for every “amazing” I typed I will donate 0.005 liters of my blood, haha. Well I can’t do that because I would die… because I’d ran out of blood… because they’re SOOOO AMAZING!!!!!


Okay, I have been loving makeupgeek eyeshadow for the past year and I keep wanting to add new shades because they’re fantastic.

Let’s get to the review, shall we?


pic above is makeupgeek pigment in ‘blitz’


ummm… CHECK. I’d give it a 10/10

They are very very very pigmented. Amazing! You only need a teeny tiny amount of product on your brush. Which goes to my 2nd point, which is:


Also a 10 out of 10. It is again… amazing. They blend so easily with so little effort.

They blend so easily and the color selections are divine. I know that this is a well known eyeshadow brand but I really feel like I have to say submit a review about them because they really are amazing.

Last but not least is…


One eyeshadow pan costs 5.99; which is a good price. What I do is that I only picked out the shades that I think would suit my skintone and purchased those. Trust me, this kind of quality is worth every penny.

Let me know if you want an in depth review on the shadows that I do have.

Where to buy makeupgeek products:

And do they ship worldwide? Heck yes. And it is very affordable too. 🙂

I’m signing out,

peace out, noobies 🙂 xo



2 thoughts on “BEST EYESHADOW EVER: MAKEUPGEEK Mini Review

    1. Hi. I am based in Australia, so even further and I got mine pretty quick, 7-10 working days or so. I reckon it’d be quicker for the UK 🙂 goodluck trying these shadows. although… no luck needed, really. I vouched for them hehe


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