Helloooo noobies! 🙂 Sorry I’ve been MIA. But now I’m back and I am writing my very first review! Woohooo and I am going to review the Brand Benefit San Fransisco. Let’s get to it.

SO, I own 3 lipstick from the brand Benefit San Fransisco. Initially I wanted to buy just the gimme brow eyebrow tint but, since they offer free shipping to Australia if you spend 125 dollars so I bought the lipsticks too, just to try.

One of the famous beauty blogger that I have been following also mentioned one of this as one of her MLBB (My Lips But Better). So I’m like let’s do this! The other two lipsticks I bought because they look good on the website and I was looking for a sheer lipstick at the time.


Benefit Hydra Smooth lip color in the shade Nice n Teasy

IMG_8154 IMG_8118

It looks amazing, right? Right?? Smells and tastes disgusting! Ew! It tastes like chemical to me. So I would always wear this where I go to an occasion where one does not required to eat. Which is… NEVER! I always eat! But seriously what is up with the smell? It bothers me. I don’t know if I get a dud or what. Let me know if you are experiencing the same probs too. The formula is alright because it is very creamy and very hydrating but the smell… Ugh!

So my verdict for this one:

Color payoff = 10/10 because it looks sooo good on my skin tone

Formula = 6/10

Smell n taste = 1/10, just..ew.

IMG_8155 IMG_8121

Benefit Silky Finish lipstick in the shade Nice Knickers

The color is so vibrant and lovely, the formula is really hydrating on the lips. So…verdict for this one

Color payoff = 10/10 very pigmented

Formula = 8/10 very sheer and very glossy and silky.

Smell n taste = 3/10 smells alright, taste kinda gross as well, not as bad as the hydra smooth tho. YUCK!

IMG_8156 IMG_8118

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in the shade Make Nice

While the color is really great, but I don’t really like that it has wayyyy to much glitter on it!

Color payoff = 10/10 very pigmented

Formula = 5/10 its too glittery , not silky enough for me, it looks like it gave me chapped lips.

Smell n taste = same as above

So there you go! I don’t own many lipsticks at all because I talk for a living hehe I’m a teacher, so I found it distracting when wearing lipstick because you would have to touch up and I ain’t got no time fo dat!

See you in the next post, noobies!

PS: a funny story at the airport, I was looking for the nice n teasy shade at the benefit counter and then these sales girls were laughing at me because they’re like “you mean nice ‘n easy?” I’m like, “umm…someone needs to read the manual!”

PPS: I realise that I am really harsh on the brand but its because I LOVE their gimme brow its my ultimate brow product before I put on my pomade that’s why I expect a lot from this cosmetic line. So…no hard feeling, just being honest.



  1. Would you say Nice N Teasy is similar in colour to Make Nice? I really love Make Nice but they have discontinued it and I am looking for a dupe :/


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