How to Fix Broken Pressed Powder


Before I get on to how to fix your broken powder, I have to tell you why did this powder shattered into pieces in the first place. Tbh, well tbrrrrh (really really really really honest) there’s nothing I love more than a good bargain. Everything in Australia is super expensive, that includes makeup.

So, after I found out about I was so excited! I can finally ship makeup from the US! Usually whenever I ship something they arrived in good condition. But this time, my poor pressed powder was the victim of the roughness from the delivery guys.

Hhhh….. #sigh that’s what happened when you are trying to safe money. BUT, don’t worry because it is super easy to fix it!

Here are the step by step how tos :

You need:


  1. Alcohol, not the kind that you drink. Obviously. You can find this in any pharmacy. I just borrowed mine from a friend. Why buy when you can get it for free?
  2. Spoon to crush the powder
  3. Butterknife to smoothen the surface

Step 1:

Crush the remaining pressed powder. This step is necessary to prevent clumping.


Step 2:

Pour alcohol to the lid , not straight to the powder. You don’t want too much alcohol because it will take ages to dry. And with a butterknife or spatula, or spoon, mix it, and add alcohol little by little.


Step 3:

Smooth out the edges using butterknife or spatula or spoon whatever you find easiest


Step 4:

Wait for the mixture to dry. If you want you can flatten the surface even more using pins or any flat surface. And with tissue pressed the excess alcohol.


And…..After a few hours… VOILA!!! Katrin 1, Rough Delivery Guy 0 #winning


See you in the next post, noobies!


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